Bringing in Autumn

It’s almost time for autumn; time for settling in, lighting fires, cuddling up and cozying under blankets with a glass of your favourite red and your new, favourite, three-wick candle burning gently on the coffee-table.

As we look forward to settling into our homes at this time of year, we’re getting ready to collect new layers for our surroundings that reflect the changing seasons. Autumn is the season for bringing warmth into our palettes, for layering up with textural accents and for re-defining the atmospheres our homes offer.  

Here, at Furnish & Fettle, new stock is arriving at our showrooms to help you achieve the above via a little retail therapy; or, if you’re not sure where to start, our designers are on-hand to work with you when booking one of our design packages. 

Let’s breakdown how to build a space that feels as good as it looks with pieces that embrace autumn palettes, textures, and layers.  


Setting The Foundation

Whether you’re curating your home from start to finish or looking for refreshed elements to bring depth to a space, it’s important that your chosen pieces set a perfect foundation to layer upon and to create your own experience that you can change up when and if you feel like it. 

What do we mean by this? We mean choosing beautiful, well-made, elevated pieces as the building-blocks for your everyday space. For example, going bold with print or furniture isn’t for everyone, and there’s nothing wrong with that. A neutral sofa in a luxurious fabric will last a lifetime and allows you to bring in colour and pattern through your paint or accessory choices that are easier and more affordable to change up through the year or through your lifetime in that space.

We do this all the time at our Furnish & Fettle showrooms: next time you pop in, you’ll notice carefully- selected fabrics covering one of our many sofas or dining-chairs, and how the room set-up itself looks and feels distinctively different from your previous visit, because we’ve changed up the artwork, cushions or accessories but have left the key pieces at the centre of the scheme.  


Layer Up With Texture

Textiles are one of the best ways to bring a seasonal feeling to your home and bring in new hues to reflect the changing season. We love layering pillows, throws, and even rugs in different textures and colourways to bring in the outdoors and introduce the colours of Autumn.   

Layering a room really comes down to using different patterns, shapes, textures and colours to add depth and balance and to create contrast. Just like dressing for the season and accessorising your coat with gloves, hat, boots and a scarf, layering a room pulls together a cohesive and styled look. By bringing in layers of texture around the house, you create the depth, look and feel of the truly-finished room that you would see in any of the glossies or high-end showrooms. 

The layered effect doesn’t have to be scary; you don’t have to go maximalist to achieve a new Autumn feel to your room. Think about how the use of space changes at this time of year. Lighting is a big go-to for Autumn/Winter – well for any time of year really. But with the nights drawing in, think about how layering up on candles, lamps and mood-lighting will create that cozy atmosphere you’re looking to sit back and relax in.

It’s easy to forget that rugs are home textiles and what a big impact they can have on a room. From a large wool number through to small hides, they transform a space with a natural authority and really bring it together as a whole. And, yes, you can absolutely layer a rug on top of carpet; and, yes, you can absolutely layer a rug on top of another rug! 

The trick to layering rugs is to do it in a way that feels organic. Choose a colour palette that works with the room; then layer on two or more complementary rugs that have different textures. Look for rugs with similar pile heights so that they don’t feel bulky to walk on – or, worse, make someone trip. Try it out with a contemporary wool rug as your base and layer a vintage-inspired chenille rug on top.

Next, we’re probably going to be using our sofas more for the next few months as we’re no longer spending so much time outdoors. Let’s layer up some different-sized and -shaped throw-cushions in this season’s go-to colourways to rest on. Add a throw or two, casually (on purpose) draped over the edge of the armchair, ready to pull over us when we’re nestling up on an evening.

Then there’s curtains. Not just a practical item, curtains can be such a beautiful focal-point of a room. We think we’ve been programmed to assume that curtains should be plain; but to add some beautiful patterns to your home, we see them as a great opportunity. We think your curtains, made up of such large swathes of fabric, can become a major style-feature.

You may have heard of window treatments being the earrings to a room, and it’s one of the best decisions you can take to help a space feel finished. If you’re anything like us, you’ll love your curtains to be layered with a voile or blind so that the curtains themselves stay in place, framing your window and adding in warmth. Again, it’s yet another way to introduce different colours and textures into a space.

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

When redesigning any space, no matter how large or small, there is one element that should never ever be overlooked: accessories. Without accessories, your space, no matter how beautifully decorated or furnished, will be left looking and feeling incredibly unloved. Equally, refreshing your decorative accents alongside your autumnal textiles is a powerful tool to pull your design-scheme together.

Build upon what you have in your home with new décor pieces that bring a new life to the look and feel of your space. It’s about adding simple additions and touches throughout your home that will create more impact. Autumnal wreaths and tasteful outdoor lanterns create an impactful entranceway, whilst a festive centrepiece for your dining-table elevates any social occasion.

Garlands aren’t just for Christmas; there are some stunning Autumn floral garlands you can drape over your mantle, or tasteful, artisanal pinecones that look beautiful in a bowl. Equally, pumpkins don’t have to be garish or carved. This year, we’re seeing a big trend in rustic wicker and in rattan pumpkin ornaments.

Other easy but impactful accessories for a room are always faux florals. At this time of year, we love eucalyptus, burnt-orange hydrangeas, wheat sprays or brown pampas-grass stems. All look beautiful at the centre of a coffee- or console-table, or equally at home on the floor in an oversized basket in the corner of a room.

Candle-holders, grouped in different heights, always have an impact, especially coupled with a sturdy church candle, or with hurricane-lanterns. At this time of year, we always enjoy the darker, smokier tones of our candle-holders, adding even more depth and atmosphere to the candlelight. We bring out our subdued-toned vases or glass bottles; tortoiseshell is having a big moment this year, and we are loving it.

Just changing up your room-spray or scented handwash in the bathroom can create a whole new atmosphere for yourself and for any visitors. Equally so, we love moving from the sparkly platinum tones to the richer, warmer brass and gold metals. Our showroom is filled with decorative bowls, frames and accessories in these harder, darker materials, which complement the soft, layered textiles so well.

If you’re ready to create a home you love, or to refresh for Autumn, we would love to hear from you. We have showrooms across North Yorkshire, based in Harrogate, Wetherby and Pocklington. Feel free to pop in for some retail therapy or to book a complementary half-hour’s design-service consultation.


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Annabel Stewart


Annabel completed her degree in Product Design at the Northumbria University before recognising that her true passion lies in Interior Design.

Before joining Furnish & Fettle in early 2022, Annabel gained a strong set of technical design skills through working in both commercial interior design and furniture design throughout her degree.

Working alongside the experienced team, Annabel has quickly developed her skills and has already completed several comprehensive projects with delighted clients on completion.